New Ford Fusion Energi Powerful Technology Features

Look a little closer at the all-new Ford Fusion Energi and this popular plug-in hybrid may just surprise you.

Keep in mind that as you focus on driving your new Ford Fusion Energi, the Blind Spot Information System is scanning behind to make sure other cars are not in your blind spots. If detected, your side mirrors flash so you know exactly which lane to avoid moving to until that car has moved on and it's clear.

Helping keep drivers safe even as they drive in reverse, the new Ford Fusion Energi makes use of the Cross-Traffic Alert technology to scan both ways and alert the driver with chimes and flashing side mirrors that a vehicle is coming into their path from either direction.

The new Ford Fusion Energi is packed with unique features you really need to see working to appreciate, so visit Freestone Ford and test drive one today.

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