Towing and Cargo With the 2019 Ford Edge

When driving, you are probably thinking about how you are going to be able to carry items when the need comes. Fortunately, one of the cars at our Ford dealership that will impress you is the capable 2019 Ford Edge. This vehicle has been designed to carry items in a multitude of ways for the driver.

One factor you are going to notice with the vehicle is that there is a lot of cargo space in the vehicle which allows you to carry a lot of items. This works well with the ability to tow your vehicle. This comes in the form of a Class II trailer with trailer sway control so that you can haul your items safely.

Another feature that makes the 2019 Ford Edge safe to drive is the Bi-LED Headlamps with Fog lamps. This is so that you can see when you are driving in the night or the fog.



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